Cumberland Land Company is a real estate company focused on selling hunting, timber and farm properties in Middle Tennessee. Cumberland Land Company is a participant in the highly successful Cabela’s Trophy Properties network of brokers located around the country.  The combination of a passionate local land specialist and Cabela’s Trophy Properties’ national and international exposure of recreational, timber, and farm/ranch properties makes Cumberland Land Company a natural choice to market your property. 

Greg Seat, the principal broker, has a degree in Natural Resources Management and has owned his own hunting property in Middle Tennessee for thirteen years in addition to brokering land properties.  Cumberland Land Company is dedicated to providing natural resource expertise to land transactions.

Cumberland Land Company is also licensed in Georgia and we sell hunting, timber, farm and recreational properties in North Georgia also.     

Land has traditionally provided a sound financial return and provides immense satisfaction and enjoyment for the owner and families.  The maturity of land as an investment class is at hand and should be considered in a diverse investment portfolio.   Please give us a call to review your goals for property purchase and ownership, and we will commit to give you reliable, honest and professional assistance to reach your goals.