Aerial Map Survey Copy

Shop Hollow Honey Hole is a 91 acre m/l hunting tract listed for sale by Cumberland Land Company in Hickman County, Tennessee.  Located in the Eastern Hickman County area of Primm Springs this property is just 20 minutes from the I-840 and Highway 100 intersection.  This property is readily accessible from Brentwood, Franklin, or Nashville.  Are you looking for a primary or even backup hunting property close enough to hunt in the afternoons or early morning before work?  If so, this property has been worked on extensively by a professional wildlife biologist & soil scientist to make it an ideal hunting property.

Pole Barn: A metal sided and roofed pole barn has been constructed to house a tractor, ATV and farm implements.

Timber:  Mature hardwood timber predominated by oaks and poplars cover about 55 acres.  Four areas of approximately 3 acres each have been cleared at different times for bedding areas.  The remaining timber has undergone a timber stand improvement thinning that has made the timber more value going forward and provides additional browse for deer in the short term.

Food Plots:  Food plots of irregular shapes have been laid out on two ridges and in the two bottom areas.  Bottle necks have been incorporated that provide travel points for deer.

Wildlife Fruit Trees: Over 40 fruit trees have been planted to provide food for deer and turkey in addition to one prolific native crabapple tree.  Planted trees include several varieties of grafted pears, plums, persimmons, crabapples, jujubes and special varieties of honey locust.  The honey locust varieties selected produce high amounts of seed pods high in protein during the late deer season.  Fruit trees have been selected that produce fruit from September to December.

Lake & Water: A lake was built to provide a watering source for wildlife.  This lake has held water year around since it was built several years ago including two drought years.  The lake could be upgraded to a fishing lake by supplying steady water by a well and stocking the lake.  Lake was built to hold approximately one acre of surface water. Depths are appropriate for a high quality fishing lake. There is a spring that emerges from the ground and then re-enters the ground a few yards away. This spring is located away from the lake providing 2 steady sources of water for wildlife.

Trails:  Trails suitable for ATV’s have been built going to all areas of the property.  These trails are in good shape.

Taxes:  Four tax parcels have recently been consolidated into one tract.  The tax is ESTIMATED at $300 per year. The county will show this as one tract at the change of the property tax year.

Survey and Marking:  The property has recently been surveyed.  The property lines have been marked along the entire perimeter at approximately 30 yard intervals.

Showing:  The owner/agent must be present to show.  A UTV will be used to show the property.  Call the listing agent, Greg Seat, to view at 615-397-1638

Pricing: Priced at $225,000.  This is due to the money and work that has been invested.  You can buy an unimproved property at a lower price but a property like this is a rare find.  The seller/agent will assist the new owner with training for food plot planting, equipment selection and purchase, lake stocking and/or fruit tree maintenance.