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Little Swan Creek Property on the Natchez Trace is a 481 acre m/l hunting property listed for sale by Cumberland Land Company in Lewis County, Tennessee. This is quite arguably the finest hunting property on the market in this price range in Middle Tennessee. This property joins the Natchez Trace Parkway for almost 4300 feet. It also joins The Meriwether Lewis National Monument (Part of the National Park Service) and a timber company holding of 534 acres. It has approximately 3100 feet on Little Swan Creek. The owners have the hunting lease on this timber company property. This property is protected and secluded providing you with privacy and ideal hunting conditions.

LOCATION: The property is located in Lewis County. It can be accessed by the Natchez Trace Parkway with exit on Highway 412 or take I-65 south from Brentwood to Highway 412. It is approximately 1 hour and 5 minutes from Franklin on the Natchez Trace or maybe a little shorter by I-65. To measure from your house try 2-3 different routes. From Hohenwald take Highway 20 east 4.1 to left on Little Swan Creek Road, go 2+ miles to right on Newburg Road, turn right at fork to sharp right hand curve with locked gate on right.

WATER: The property fronts on Little Swan Creek for approximately 3100 feet. Other rock bottom spring creeks run through the property including 2 major spring creeks. There is a well for the “Barndominium”. This water is well distributed on the property and not just on edges.

IMPROVEMENTS: The main improvement is a “Barndominium” or a nice apartment attached to the barn. The barn houses multiple ATV/UTV’s and a tractor. The apartment has a complete kitchen, stone fireplace in the common area, large meal table, a full bathroom and a large sleeping loft. The apartment has exposed beams and fits the rustic hunting lodge image. Washer and dryer hookups are downstairs. The upstairs could be divided into multiple bedrooms and bathrooms if desired. A covered porch provides a nice area to sit and enjoy the turkeys gobbling and the magical bobwhite whistle in the spring. This building is off the grid so it has a generator and utilizes propane gas. There are also numerous deer stands and shooting houses to be included with this property. Most of the shooting houses are in good condition and most have landings to make entry easy. The furniture and appliances are included in the sale.

WILDLIFE: The owner has stocked quail and this has gone quite well. The turkey and deer hunting is outstanding due to the fantastic location and neighboring properties. As in most locations the fox, coyote, bobcat and varmit hunting and/or trapping is quite good. The habitat and both the property and adjoining land make this an ideal location to build quality turkey and trophy deer populations. The property to the north is owned by a timber company. The owner has leased the hunting rights on this 534 acres for about $5 an acre. This provides a buffer plus allows hunting on over 1000 acres. The potential to harvest large mature bucks is excellent especially with proper habitat management. It would be easy to set up a premier dove field. We offer professional management and/or consulting to help with your habitat development.

TIMBER and HABITAT: The property has plenty of water and a great mixture of timber both on and off the property. An approximation is 195 acres of hardwood timber including lots of acorn producing oaks, 256 acres of planted pines of various ages (providing bedding and income) and 30 acres of open land suitable for wildlife food plots, native warm season grasses and wildlife fruit tree orchards and chestnut orchards for the deer, quail and turkey. The food plots could draw deer and turkey from all the adjoining land described in the next section.

ADJOINING PROPERTY: This property joins a straight stretch of the Natchez Trace Parkway for approximately 4300 feet. There is approximately 100 yards of old timber including tons of oaks between the mowed right of way and this property. To the south is the 837 acre Meriwether Lewis National Monument which is part of the National Park System. There is no direct access from the Trace or Monument so the public can not enter the listed property with ease. To the north is the timber company property of 534 acres which has been leased for hunting by the current owner. There are four other large tracts joining this property with only a minimal amount of hunting. The owner has leased some of this land in the past for hunting. The timber is good on the monument, the Trace and the four private adjoining land owners providing acorns but not substantial bedding areas or food plots.

TAXES: Taxes are approximately $2526 per year and will need to be maintained in green belt status by the new owner. We can help with this process but it is quite easy. The property consists of 3 separate tax parcels. They are not for sale separately.

PRICING and SHOWING: You must call the listing agent, Greg Seat (615-397-1638) to view the property. It has a locked gate. It is possible to view by hunting with the listing agent. The property is reasonably priced at $759,000.