Crabapples are excellent deer magnets during bow season

At one time land was valued for its farming potential and timber values.  Today, the value of rural land is also determined by outdoor recreational value. 

Cumberland Wildlife Services (a direct affiliate of Cumberland Land Company), partners with landowners to help determine and reach the goals set for each property.   We focus our work in Middle Tennessee so that our services can be personally managed and that equipment can easily be transported to each project site.  We integrate timber, wildlife and fishery objectives with other land uses and income sources. 

Our Services Include:


  • Food Plot Plans, Wildlife Management Plans, QDM Plans, and Timber Harvest Plans
  • Food plot planting plots focused on deer, turkey, quail, waterfowl, and doves
  • We Lime small food plots specializing in the 2-5 acre range
  • Native warm season grass planting
  • Waterfowl wetland management and enhancements
  • Construction/renovation of scientifically designed fishing lakes
  • Deer census
  • Timber harvest administration
  • Provide deer stands and game cameras – Installation of ladder stands and shooting houses
  • Property boundary marking and trespass reduction
  • Trail and land mowing
  • Planting and management of fruit trees with emphasis on wildlife or table fare
  • Dove field setup/planting
  • Quail habitat restoration and hunt setup
  • Heavy equipment work by dozer, trackhoe, steer loader, and dump truck
  • General tractor work
  • Chain saw work
  • Gates and fencing installed
  • Construction of hunting cabins, lodges, pole barns, and  pre-engineered buildings (We have plans)
  • Soil evaluations for what to grow and where, soil fertility tests                           
  • Shooting range construction                                                                                                                              
  • Provide seed mixes, food plot fertilizers and mineral mixes for landowner use
  • We can train you or employees to plant food plots, take soil samples and many other tasks!